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One of the more intelligent races on Krel, Humans value knowledge, believing it will give them an advantage over other races. Humans consider themselves to be an honorable race. They are an open society, generally large and varied. Their traditions and customs are handed down through bloodlines. No one trade could be said to be their strong point. They are often occupied with farming, merchant trade, crafting, mining, ranching, or military professions.

Human settlements are varied in size, ranging from villages to cities led by high councils, to kingdoms governed by a monarchy. Their societies are generally large and varied. They are capable of great organization, despite their differences, making them a solid force in Krel, and they are known for their empirical might and ambitious emperors.

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Elves are the personification of the magical and mystical. Their high intelligence and innate magical abilities have given them a well-earned reputation as some of the finest magicians on Krel. Elves are extremely knowledgeable, especially in matters of nature and high magic. They are a proud, honorable race. Elusive and clever are not unknown traits when dealing with outsiders.

They are closely bound to their wooded homelands and nature. Elves do not welcome other races into their lands with open arms, preferring to live their long lives without outside interference. They tend to associate only with each other, although they do involve themselves in trading their crafts with some of the other races.

The Elf nation is more often than not governed by a queen and her king, though it is not unheard of for the Elf nation to be without a defined leader. In such times, the clans of the nation are governed by a council of elder mages, much like their small villages are.

While Elves dislike war, they are not without military ability. They are exquisite fighters, specializing in range battle and high magic. Their dexterous forms and sharp senses make them great hunters.

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Orcs are a very tribal, war-like race, fighting other races as well as other Orc hordes. Each horde is lead by a chieftain, followed in rank by shamans, then warriors. Slave status is the lowest position in a horde, their lives seen as meaningless and expendable. Hordes are very large and independent of each other, but not isolated. Orcs value fighting abilities and brutish tactics. They have a affinity with wolves, and have been seen fighting with wolves at their side.

Orcs have very little honor and are not overly smart. They trade with other hordes and with Avian traders. Orcs make decent crafters and nearly all raise large animals. Slaves are used to work in mines, providing a horde material to craft, build, and trade with.

Orcs love to pillage and fight. They make great warriors and are decent with ranged weapons. Their shamans are trained in lower magics, focusing mainly on concocting poisons and developing techniques to weaken opponents. Their sharp senses give them an advantage in war. Humans are their main enemy.

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The Avians are the master traders of Krel. Their lack of skilled crafters and desire for wealth drives them to trade in anything and with anyone. They are renowned for their slave hunts and slave trading, capturing anyone of any race that might bring a good profit in the market. They trade often with the Orcs, even capturing Orcs of one horde to sell to another. While Avians cannot call any race a true friend, they do tend to hold their Orc trade relations in higher regard than those with other races.

The highly intelligent Avian makes a dangerous business partner, one that follows his own interests--profit and more profit. They are most famous for their slave trading but their seeming lack of morality and blatant underhanded actions run close seconds as legendary traits.

The prowess and military skill of the Avians, while great, is determined by how much gold they are promised. They are mercenaries, giving their loyalty to the highest bidder. It is best to pay them well, or at least more than your enemy can afford, or during the midst of a battle you may find the Avian mercenaries switching sides.

Befitting of their society, the Avians religious belief centers around fortune and profit. They are lead by their Chieftains, who govern their own Clan in nearly all matters of daily life, religion, and mercenary work. More often then not, the Avian Chieftain is a powerful shaman held in high regard and even feared, for crossing a shaman could be hazardous to one's bloodline and trade.

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The Dwarves live in strongholds that are positioned on several mountain ranges, primarily the Vetrekians. They rarely leave their homes, traveling outside only to trade or occasionally to turn back advancing Orc forces. Dwarves do not take kindly to outsiders, generally giving them a cold shoulder. Humans are their allies and Orcs are seen as the number one enemy.

Dwarf clans value master crafters, wealth, and tradition but perhaps more than other races, they value honor and Clan. Mining and crafting is their way of life, fine Dwarven brews and grand tales their past time. They are known the world over for their smithing, creating the finest of the weapons on Krel. As befits the race, Dwarf-built items are strong and durable. They trade often with the humans, exchanging fine weaponry or mined ores for food supplies.

Dwarves, with their low tolerance for nonsense and dislike of high magic, make poor casters. Rarely will you find a Dwarf that is trained in more than rune smithing or the ways of a healer.

The Dwarves take interest in world affairs only when situations have reached a pinnacle, threatening all of Krel or the Dwarf race itself. When war does come, this race is a sight to see in battle with their king leading the forces. Their great strength and code of honor make them formidable warriors and fine crossbowmen.

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Trolls are a simple race, being large, slow-minded and rather clumsy. They have incredible brute strength, are tall and have high resistances. Trolls are not an aggressive race like Orcs, but rather they are a friendly race when associating with outsiders. Trolls live long lives deep in caves and grotes inside hills and mountains where they hoard their treasures. Because of this, they tend to see well in dark places and shun the light. They are closely bound to their grotes, much like a Dwarf is bound to his stronghold. They have no organization as a society.

Trolls value honor and treasures. They are not known to craft but do occasionally trade with other races. They seek, collect, and hoard treasures they find. It is unknown whether they actually require food. Their tribes are very small and usually limited to a single family. Trolls have no deity and follow no religion. They are not intelligent enough to possess true magical ability, but they do have a basic form of magic involving cures and healing.

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